Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cheers to our first year!

Welcome to our blog post for September 4, 2014 and our 1 year anniversary!

We are feeling so incredible happy today, or shall we say "mirthful," as we are finally able to launch our new and improved website. We have made some excellent changes and even included a cool video which helps explain what we do here at Mirth Studio! We have added new stocked tile options that can ship out within a week. We are also thrilled to offer some new lower pricing on particular tiles and we have added an awesome gallery page and more. Please check out the new site in all its glory!

We welcome many changes as we enjoy our 1 year anniversary! We have spent a good portion of this past year working endlessly to produce the highest quality product for the best price point possible. We have succeeded in moving our entire manufacturing operation to our home in beautiful Charleston SC. This way we will have the ability to expedite orders at a much quicker speed and be sure the quality of our tiles remains superior to anything else! It has been a incredible experience to learn about manufacturing in this amazing country. I am proud that we can say MADE IN THE USA and contribute to our local economy. 

As we reflect on our first year in business, we are humbled and honored by the support and attention we have received. We owe much thanks to all the super talented hardworking people that have helped us to grow. We are so grateful for the lovely mention in this months House Beautiful. It has done wonders spreading the word about Mirth Studio and it such an honor to be recognized in one of my all time favorite publications! 

I feel truly blessed by all of the attention we have received from publications, bloggers, social media and friends. I sincerely thank you all for supporting us on this journey which has allowed me to do what I truly love: Being a working artist and entrepreneur. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!