Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mirth Studio + Semihandmade

Its no secret that here at Mirth Studio we love to collaborate with fellow artists and designers. One project that is particularly near and dear to us is our partnership with the innovative team at Semihandmade. Founded in 2010 by John McDonald, they transform standard IKEA cabinets into one-of-a-kind kitchens, bathrooms and furniture pieces. 

Originating in sunny southern California, Semihandmade has showrooms in Los Angeles, Burbank and Palm Springs, and caters to clients online in both the U.S. and Canada. Combining their vision with our Mirth Studio tiles, the possibilities are limitless. From back splashes to bedside tables, you can feature your favorite tile as a statement piece anywhere in your home. Below are some behind the scene photos of their process, along with a few of our favorite finished products. Photography provided by Semihandmade.

Above: Two stunning examples of taking a simple bathroom vanity and creating an eye-catching piece that is unique to your home. Shown with our tiles Hollywood and Zippy in White/Light Honey.

Above: Our design Flirt is consistently a best seller, and transitions effortlessly from floor tile to furniture to, as shown here, a striking kitchen backsplash.

Above: A look into the process of creating the Semihandmade doors, as well as the product stylishly put to use as wall storage. This particular example using our design Mirthful Chevron.

Above: From the Mirth Studio designer collaboration with Elizabeth OlwenFlower Folk is used to update a basic bathroom sink. A detailed shot of the drawers and hardware provided below.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

European Vacation, continued: Rome!

Here are some more travel photos from my family's trip to Europe this August. After beginning our vacation in Florence and Tuscany, we then headed to Italy's capital city of Rome. This experience was a wonderful way to wind down an especially hectic summer, and gather some new ideas for Mirth Studio's new upcoming collection this autumn.

Above: Inspiration overload! So many breathtaking tiles at Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano, as posted to my Instagram account.

Above: Just a few of the floors that caught my eye at the Vatican.
Image source: Instagram.

Above: From floor to ceiling, Rome did not disappoint. 
Image source: Instagram.

Above: On my trip I encountered several classic floors that inspire some of our favorite tiles at Mirth Studio, such as Tumbling Blocks.

Above: Intricate mosaics forming bold graphic patterns.

Above: Stunning gold inlay and marble, inscribed to honor Pope Leo XIII;
Major floor envy for these bands of tile in hues of rich blues and turquoise.

Above: A detailed shot of ceramic tiles displaying intricate motifs.

Above: A seamlessly laid herringbone hardwood floor.

Monday, September 7, 2015

European Vacation: Tuscany and Florence

We here at Mirth Studio are very sad to see summer come to an end, but hope that everyone is enjoying their Labor Day Weekend. During the month of August, I took a much needed vacation in Italy and France with my family. Here are some travel photos taken during the first two major stops on my trip: Tuscany and Florence!

Above: A Tuscan castle filled with vibrant jewel tones and metallics, 
complimented by the light cast through intricate stained glass.

Above: Floor tiles embodying both a regal and masculine motif.

Above: Floors seen in Florence, featuring the types of classic patterns I adore
incorporating into our collections at Mirth Studio.

Above: It isn't uncommon to see two contrasting tiles placed directly against 
one another. Ancient Italian design was fearless when mixing patterns.

Above: Gold leaf, marble and mosaics: all staples in traditional Italian design.