Monday, September 7, 2015

European Vacation: Tuscany and Florence

We here at Mirth Studio are very sad to see summer come to an end, but hope that everyone is enjoying their Labor Day Weekend. During the month of August, I took a much needed vacation in Italy and France with my family. Here are some travel photos taken during the first two major stops on my trip: Tuscany and Florence!

Above: A Tuscan castle filled with vibrant jewel tones and metallics, 
complimented by the light cast through intricate stained glass.

Above: Floor tiles embodying both a regal and masculine motif.

Above: Floors seen in Florence, featuring the types of classic patterns I adore
incorporating into our collections at Mirth Studio.

Above: It isn't uncommon to see two contrasting tiles placed directly against 
one another. Ancient Italian design was fearless when mixing patterns.

Above: Gold leaf, marble and mosaics: all staples in traditional Italian design.

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