Friday, July 24, 2015

Designer of the Week: COCOCOZY

For Mirth Studio's fourth Designer of the Week installment, we're shining the spotlight on none other than blogger turned interior design taste-maker Coco from COCOCOZY. Hollywood executive by day and blogger/interior designer in her off hours, she posted under the nickname Coco instead of using her real identity. The idea for an interior design blog came about when she realized she loved the process of renovating her LA home. Less than three years after launching COCOCOZY, she found herself with a massive following and embarked on creating home textiles of her own. Today Coco's designs are found in retailers nationwide as well as celebrity homes.

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Coco made the leap from blogger into the world of hands-on design when it dawned on her just how picky she'd become with what decor filled her home. Not knowing where to begin, she attended the New York International Gift Fair where she was recognized by renowned designer Jonathan Adler. With his praise and words of encouragement, Coco took the plunge into business and never looked back. She has a signature style of crisp colors and graphic but accessible prints, and her work fit perfectly with the aesthetic at Mirth Studio. We've chosen to feature five of her designs, all of which instantly add a playful sophistication to whatever space they're installed in.

The COCOCOZY Collection contains some of our most popular, top selling tiles, and we're constantly customizing the designs to meet clients' specific needs in order to bring her patterns into their homes. She has been a huge supporter of Mirth Studio from the very beginning, and we are extremely grateful for the recognition she brought us by being featured on her blog. It was such an honor to work with her as our first artist when launching our designer series, and I am thrilled to be a part of her booming success! To learn more about COCOCOZY, explore her website at

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An installation of the COCOCOZY Ring tile at Eatman's Interiors,
as posted on Eatman's Instagram.

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