Friday, July 10, 2015

Designer of the Week: Elizabeth Olwen

Nostalgic,  playful and romantic are a few descriptive thoughts that come to mind when I think about Elizabeth Olwen's print designs. Based in Toronto, Elizabeth has managed to hold the ability to create beautiful prints inspired by everything from her mother's vintage fabrics and old wall paper, to bold, organic shapes and her love of travel.

(picture taken from Elizabeth Olwen Bio )

When we first saw Olwen's designs, we were very excited to begin collaborating! Her color palette and design technique create the perfect balance of similarity and style difference between Mirth Studio. As you know, at Mirth Studio our tiles start as a hand painted piece and are given a very unique distressed texture before being taken into the computer. Olwen's prints usually start as a sketch and are created digitally. (which made things easier on our end when time for printing came around!)

Elizabeth has not only licensed her prints with Mirth Studio, but with other big name brands, such as Target. Her prints can be found in all shapes and forms, from wooden floor tiles (of course!), to clothing and stationary. Her style is easily recognizable with soft, delicate color palettes and a beautifully blended organic and geometric design layout. 

We are so thankful to have been able to work with Elizabeth and to work with this new design approach. We loved every option so much we had a difficult time deciding which ones to move forward with! Her designs are mutable and look beautiful in any size or form! From pillows to Iphone covers, her styles are sure to add a bit of happiness in your daily life.

Be sure to get your Elizabeth Olwen Tiles asap! They make for fun beautiful floors and/or wall art!

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