Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Pets of Mirth

Here at Mirth Studio we are having a blast receiving all of your images and love!
Some of our favorites are of your cuddly companions enjoying the comfort of our warm, colorful, patterned wood tiles. These guys can't help but prove that wood floors are welcoming and warm! It's a win-win for sure. You get the joy of having your home dazzle and express your own personal style without the worry of expenses and damages to your floor (thanks to the fact all of our tiles are pre-finished with the highest grade 100% UV cured poly resin that admits no VOCS). A pet owners dream for anyone who has ever had to house train a pet.. You will never have to throw away your rug again!

Here are some of our favorite companions enjoying Mirth Tiles!

Even our prickly friends can't help but enjoy scurrying around on Mirth Tiles!

To learn more about how you can use Mirth Tiles in your home be sure to check out our website and keep sending in your photos!

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