Monday, June 8, 2015

Designer of the Week!

Summer.. Its that time of year where we would much rather be sitting pool side sipping on cocktails while working on our tans or out at the beach catching some waves.  

Luckily however, we get to be working with some colorful and popping designers! One of these designers particularly comes to mind because of her light, airy, and subtle spring/summer vibe designs.

Celerie Kemble is an interior designer from Palm Beach, Florida so the coastal vibe comes out in her work with ease. One of the first designers in our Designer Collection, we loved the pastels and the organic shapes that are showcased in her very own collection of Mirth Studio tiles and risers.

These days Kemble is now residing in New York City with her family and is now developing her style to an even broader spectrum.  Her design development is based with the idea of putting the personality of the homer owner into the space. She believes that a space is just a space if it doesn't radiate personality and individuality. Always simple and always beautiful, Celerie Kemble's spirit and design esthetic really is a perfect fit in the Mirth world. We are so happy to have had the opportunity to work with (and to continue to work with!) such a passionate woman!

                                                                                                                         photo-Hannah Thomson

Be sure to check out Kemble's work and website for inspirational ideas.

Don't forget to purchase some Celerie Kemble floor tiles and/or stair risers and decals to add some calming vibes to your personal space!

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