Thursday, June 23, 2016

Introducing Mirth Studio Wall Art!

By popular demand, Mirth Studio is introducing our new wallart collections

We offer two collections that include ready-to-hang 12.5”x12.5” hardwood tiles that have a 1.5” sturdy wood frame. A larger 36”x36” specialty piece “Gilded Kaleidoscope” is also available. This piece is printed on wood with embellished hand painted gold accents and is also able to be hung as soon as you receive it.

When creating the two collections, Sally wanted to incorporate some of our favorite wood tiles while also providing additional designs that she created specifically to work with the Mirth Studio aesthetic. Both collections are designed in two cohesive color schemes so they cane be mixed and matched depending on how many you would like to display.

New Signature Wall Art Collection
Clockwise from upper left: Willow, Ranbow, Flora, Birdies
12.5"x12.5"x1.5" wood/framed, $75.00 ea.
Mirth Studio "Favorites" Wall Art Collection
Clockwise from upper left: Hex, Flirt, Poppy Mint, Blossom
12.5"x12.5"x1.5" wood/framed, $75.00 ea.

Our specialty piece “Gilded Kaleidoscope” is inspired by the op art of the 1960’s, and undeniably adds a dynamic impact where ever displayed. With its larger size, vivid color palette and gold embellishments, it can stand alone as a statement or complement the existing art in your home.

Gilded Kaleidoscope
36"x36"x1" on wood, $325.00

Please click here for more information about Mirth Studio's new wall art. Available for order online or by calling our studio office at 866-519-7727.

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